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EN485B Engineering for Cold Regions

This guide provides a selection of books, databases, conference papers and other resources for research on engineering for cold regions.

Background Information

Before diving into specific research questions and experiments, finding books and news sources can build foundational knowledge and give context to a subject.


Search the library's collections to find books for your topic. Can't find the book you need? Ask a librarian for help.

You'll find:

  • Oceanography books in the GC section on the 2nd floor

  • Civil engineering books in the TA section on the 3rd floor

  • Ocean engineering books in the TC section on the 3rd floor

  • Naval architecture and marine engineering books in the VM section on the 3rd floor

News Resources

News Resources

Search Tips

Save time with these search tips in the catalog, most databases and even Google.

Tip Example
 Join different concepts with AND  arctic AND engineering
 Join similar concepts with OR  (arctic OR cold) AND engineering
 Use * (asterisk) to find variations of your keyword  engineer* finds engineer, engineering, engineers, engineered