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Comparative Politics

About this Guide

This guide points to a variety of sources, such as factual information or books/articles about issues.

Each page focuses on locating a specific type of information:

  • Country Information: use this page for locating background information, encyclopedias, and other basic facts specific to a country.
  • Current Events & News: this page collects the sources we have access to for understanding current events, rather than analyzing past events. Use the page to avoid hitting that dreaded paywall when searching for newspapers on Google. 
  • Declassified Documents: links out to several government archives full of declassified documents.
  • Find Books: provides guidance on how to search for books using the library catalog. 
  • Find Journal Articles: databases that cover political science topics. Each database provides a summary of what kind of information is available in it. Remember databases have all sorts of resources in them: scholarly articles, book reviews, reports, conference papers, newspaper, etc. 
  • Datasets: links out to various options for locating data and statistics, includes a broad list and a smaller breakdown by topic area.
  • Literature Review Basics: examples for understanding how to tackle a literature review. 

Topic Overviews


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