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Special Collections & Archives

A guide for finding information about the holdings of the Special Collections & Archives Department in Nimitz Library and accessing those holdings.

Finding books in Special Collections?

The books in SC&A are easy to find as they appear in the library's online catalog alongside books in the general collection. The procedures below show how to narrow a search down to include only books in SC&A.

Online catalogue search box
Begin your search for SC&A books in either the "Nimitz Search" or "Books" tabs.

Nimitz Search

Nimitz Search screenshot

  1. The keyword you entered appears at the top of the screen.
  2. Select "Library Catalog" under "Refine Your Search".
  3. "Library Location" does not initially appear as it does in the screenshot. To make it appear, under "Content Type" select "More..."
  4. Now that "Library Location," is there, select "Special Collections" beneath it.
  5. Click "Apply" to see your new list of items.

Do not click "Special Collections" under "Content Type." Not all SC&A items appear there.


Books catalog screenshot

After entering your keyword and seeing your results, refine them by going up to the dropdown menu at the top of the list and selecting "Special Collections & Archives." Click "Search" again to see the new results.

Book highlights in SC&A

  • Oral histories: Transcribed interviews with many WWII-era prominent naval figures. They are primary sources and often include references to other key figures in the U.S. Navy. Use "Reminiscences" as a keyword to search for these in the catalog, and ask SC&A staff about an index to these volumes.
  • Submarines: A school administrator, Chester Somers, donated a large collection of books and other material on submarines that he collected throughout his life. If a submarine-related title shows up in your search with "Somers" as part of the call number, then it's part of this collection. Also, see this finding aid for the non-book material Somers donated.

Oral history transcripts