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Special Collections & Archives

A guide for finding information about the holdings of the Special Collections & Archives Department in Nimitz Library and accessing those holdings.

About this guide

Special Collections and Archives linksThis guide provides information on the material found in the Nimitz Library's Special Collections & Archives (SC&A) and how you can access that material. There is no single resource that describes all of the material found in SC&A, so the guide is organized based on the different methods used to find and access it. The categories are

  • Books: Historically significant books or rare books on naval or military subjects, some of which date back to the 1500s.
  • Manuscripts: Unpublished material (letters, log books, reports, photos, and more) by individuals or organizations outside of the Naval Academy.
  • Archives: Similar kinds of material as found in Manuscripts, but created by individuals in their official capacity or organizations within the Naval Academy.
  • Digital Collections: Scanned copies of selected material from the above categories plus documents with more information on the Manuscript and Archives material.

Use the tabs on the left to learn more about these different categories.


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