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Nuclear Engineering

Use this guide to find books, articles, reports and websites related to nuclear engineering

Google Site Searching

Limit your Google search to a specific domain, such as .mil, .gov or .edu, to ensure you are accessing quality information from trusted sources.

Simply add: site:. and the domain to the end of your search in the Google search box.  For example: robots will return only information about robots from U.S. military websites.

                                 screenshot of google search box

You can also use this type of search on a specific website, adding will return information specifically from Navy military websites.

Westinghouse AP1000 Reactors

Here are links to information, drawings and reports on the Westinghouse AP1000 style reactor:

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

Research Websites

Here are other links, sources and guides to help you find information on nuclear engineering and related topics.

Industry Information

Nuclear Engineering History

Interested in learning about the development of nuclear reactors, submarines or weapons?  Check out these sources to get started.