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HH215 The West in the Premodern World

Finding Primary Sources

One useful collection of primary source material for the Greek and Roman time period is:

Loeb Classical Library, in PA3000-6700, on the third floor.

The green set is for Greek writings and the red set is for Roman writings, Search a historian or poet or philosopher as an author in the library catalog for exact call numbers.

Other ideas for primary sources include:

  • Writings of any person from the time period  (search people as an author in the library catalog)
  • Descriptions, letters, or accounts of people from the time
  • Any treaty, charter, proclamation, law, text of a document etc. 
  • Accounts of a battle or siege from an early source
  • The image of an artifact or coin or object that you can interpret
  • Drawings or notebooks of a scientist or inventor
  • Paintings or sculpture or buildings that you can interpret
  • Maps depicting the world at the time


Of course, for written documents a reliable translation can be used since you are not expected to read any ancient language.

Full-text Primary Source Document Collections

Examples of Primary Source Collections in Books

Listed here are examples of document collections in print only (no online access).  One is in the Reference collection on the first floor, but like many primary source collections, the others are in the general collection.