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HH104 American Naval History

A Library Research Guide intended for USNA Midshipmen enrolled in HH104

Library Catalog

Search the library catalog to identify books, audiovisuals, or government documents on your topic.

Library Catalog

These are common call number areas for history:

  • D, DA, DB, DC, etc. -- world history, including the world wars
  • E -- American. history, including U.S. wars
  • F -- U.S. states and Latin American history
  • U -- military history, including the U.S. Army and Air Force
  • V, VA, VB, etc. -- naval history, including VE for U.S. Marine Corps history

 Call numbers A-K are shelved on the second floor; call numbers L-Z are shelved on the third floor.

Nimitz Library Catalog

Ebook Collections (books available full-text online)

Interlibrary Loan

Books Not in Nimitz Library

Use WorldCat to search the catalogs of thousands of other libraries.  If Nimitz Library doesn't have a title you need, use the Interlibrary Loan link above to request borrowing a copy.

Time Saving Tip

Remember to check the footnotes or endnotes as well as the bibliography in any scholarly book you use.  This often leads you to a variety of possible additional sources, including primary sources.