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Political Science

“The study of the State and systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior.” (OED Online)

Text and Explanatory Comments

Primary Sources about the Constitution

Constitutional ConventionConstitutional Debates, Foundational Documents (all from University of Wisconsin's Center for the Study of the American Constitution)

The Founders' Constitution contains portions of documents used or written by the Framers and their contemporaries.  Covering the early 17th century and up until 1835, find reasons and arguments for the Constitution and the first 12 amendments.  These volumes present political arguments and debates as our founding principles were resolved.  Find listings of cases cited, authors, and documents.  There is a set on Main Floor (Reference) and on Second Floor:  KF 4502.F68.

Federalist Papers

Some primary sources can be found in Supreme Court Collection.  (Ask a Librarian to help narrow a search.)



Online Books
Overviews and encyclopedia-type entries about individual Amendments and Bill of Rights.

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (also in Reference KF4548.E53)

American constitution book