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EA401F Performance of Fixed-Wing Aircraft: Warbirds Project

Searching Tips for Specific Aircraft

Ask yourself the following questions about your aircraft to gather keywords for your searches:

  • Who manufactured it?
  • Who flew it?
  • What type of aircraft is it?

Try the following keyword combinations when searching in the Library Catalogue:

  • The name of your aircraft; eg. F6F Hellcat
  • Manufacturer AND the word aircraft; eg. Curtiss AND aircraft
  • Who flew it AND the word aircraft; eg. Royal Air Force AND aircraft
  • Type of aircraft AND manufacturer; eg. bomber AND Boeing

If you don't find a book focused on your specific aircraft, don't fret. You'll likely find an entry for your aircraft in a book about the manufacturer, the military force, or the type of aircraft.

If you have trouble finding information on your aircraft, get in touch with the Engineering Librarian at

Where to Find Books in Nimitz Library

The library's collections are organized by subject. You'll find relevant books for your project in the following call number ranges:

  • TL 685.3 - TL 686 - aeronautics and aeronautical engineering
  • UG 1240 - UG 1242 - air forces - air warfare - equipment and supplies

Both of these ranges are located on the third floor of Nimitz Library.

Finding Journal Articles

You may find that researchers have written historical and technical articles about your assigned aircraft in journals. Nimitz Search is a great place to start finding articles about your topic. Here are a few specific relevant journals and databases you may want to use.

Help, I can't access this article!

Try these steps if you find an article or book and can't read it.

  • Submit an interlibrary loan (ILL) request. Find the interlibrary loan icon in the center of our homepage. ILL is a service through which Nimitz Library obtains articles not in our collection from other libraries for your use. You must be on the yard or connected via VPN/VDI to submit a request.
  • Email the Engineering Librarian at for help in finding the full text of an article or book.

Finding Operating Manuals and Handbooks

Nimitz Library has some operating manuals for vintage aircraft. To find them, search the Library Catalogue for the name of your aircraft and the word manual or handbook. For example, F4U Corsair AND manual.

Try searching other online resources like Naval History and Heritage Command, the Internet Archive and HathiTrust for operating manuals and technical information.

Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Hurricane P3069 exterior from starboard side

"Hawker Hurricane" by Corey Ruth licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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