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Plebe Library Guide

USNA Plebe Library FAQ:

What are the hours the library is open?

During the normal academic semester the Nimitz Library is open daily with a few exceptions. You can find current hours listed on our website.

How can I get help with my research? Do I need to make an appointment?

When the library is open for visiting you can often find a librarian available to assist you immediately in person at the Research Help Desk. You can also contact any of the librarians via email or using our chat service. Check the Research Support section of this guide for more info.

How do I check out a book?  How long can I keep the books I check out?

All you need to check items out from Nimitz Library is your Alpha, a library card is NOT required.  

Midshipmen can check out a book for 28 days - and renew it if no one else is waiting. 

Do you offer printing services?

The Nimitz Library provides free printing for academic purposes as a service to the Naval Academy community. Since resources are limited, each person is granted an allocation of 100 pages per term/semester.

Is there Wi-Fi access?

Yes! Wireless access is available throughout the entire library.

What kind of study spaces do you have for midshipmen? 

The Library has study spaces that are open and available to all midshipmen. There are tables, chairs, desk and carrels on every deck. There are also few small individual study rooms, available on a first come basis. 

Can I reserve a study room in advance?

When the library is open all study rooms are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis. All midshipmen have equal access to study rooms and open areas of the library at all times. There are no areas that are restricted based on midshipmen rates.

What are the uniform requirements for being in Nimitz? Can we wear Blue and Gold's / PE gear in Nimitz?  

All regulations regarding uniforms are established by the Commandant. See: Midshipmen Uniform Regulations - COMDTMIDNINST 1020.3C

Are we allowed to eat and drink in the library? 

You may eat snacks in any public space in the Nimitz Library, except in Special Collections & Archives.  You may drink from covered containers (water bottles, coffee cups with lids, soda cans and anything reclosable), except in Special Collections & Archives. We ask that you recycle or properly dispose of any food or drink items when you are finished.

Are there also books to check out for leisure, or is it solely research based?   

Nimitz Library has a popular reading collection that includes best-selling fiction and non-fiction titles as well as graphic novels and self-help titles. These books can be checked out the same as any other library book.

Does the Library provide access to research databases?

The Library offers more than 250 databases, covering research in many disciplines. Click on Articles/Databases in the blue menu on the Nimitz homepage. Most, but not all, of these databases are available from off the Yard, as well.     

Do plebes have to chop and square our corners in the library?

No, the library asks that you carry on in Nimitz the same as you would in any other academic building.  

Is it true the library is sinking?

While there is a popular legend or urban myth about the library sinking, we currently rest on a solid (although occasionally flooded) foundation.

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