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HH216 The West in the Modern World

Working With Secondary Sources

Click on the book cover for "Seaway to the Future" to search for this book in Nimitz Library.  

Look at the Subjects (LC Subject Headings).

  • How many are there? 
  • Which one are you most interested in? 
  • How many other items are listed under each Subject Heading?
  • Are there other subjects you think should be added?


"Mining" Secondary Source Bibliographies:

Look at the following extract of page 218 (Notes to pages 41-43) taken from the notes at the end of Missal's book Seaway to the Future (also provided as a paper copy handout):


Notice the kinds of sources he is citing within his notes. 

  • Are these primary or secondary sources?
  • How recent are the sources?  
  • Is there enough information to find the original source Missal is citing?

Attempt to locate at least ONE primary source and ONE secondary source that is available at Nimitz Library that is also being used and cited by Missal on this page.

Are there any sources being cited here that Nimitz Library does NOT have any access to?


Tracking Down Book Reviews

How might you go about finding scholarly book reviews for Alexander Missal's 2008 book "Seaway to the future : American social visions and the construction of the Panama Canal" which was published by the University of Wisconsin Press?

Hint:  Try searching the book title in the American History and Life database of history journal articles.

How many reviews are there?

How many are available full-text online?