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Use the databases listed here to identify articles on your subject.  In many cases, you can link to the full-text of the articles.

If you can't directly retrieve the full-text, select the blue Find It button under the article citation or check the Journals by Title link in the column on the right to see if we have access from another source.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Use this link for an explanation of the parts of a scholarly journal article.

Major History Databases

Other Databases

18th and 19th Century Periodicals

Titles in blue link to some online access.  Titles with no location are print bound volumes shelved alphabetically on the 2nd floor.  Titles on microfilm are in the Microform Room on the 1st floor. Titles in Special Collections are in that area on the 3rd floor. 

  • Analetic Magazine, 1812-1820, Special Collections
  • Appleton's Journal, 1869-1881
  • Army and Navy Chronicle, 1835-1844, Special Collections
  • Army and Navy Journal, 1863-1950, microfilm or Special Collections
  • Army and Navy Magazine, 1880-1888, Special Collections
  • Army and Navy Register (title varies), 1879-1964, bound volumes or microfilm
  • Blackwood's Magazine, 1843-1863 online; 1817-1865 in Special Collections; 1866-1908 in bound volumes
  • Century Magazine, 1881-1899 online; 1881-1930 in bound volumes
  • Contemporary Review, 1871-1983
  • De Bows Review, 1846-1869 online; 1850-1880 on microfilm
  • Dial, 1880-1929
  • Douglass Monthly, 1859-1863
  • Eclectic Magazine, 1856-1875, Special Collections
  • Edinburgh Review, 1802-1929, bound volumes or microfilm
  • Fortnightly Review, 1871-1954
  • Gentleman's Magazine, 1731-1750 online; 1731-1866, Special Collections
  • Graphic, 1869-1932
  • Harper's Magazine (or Harper's Monthly), 1850-1899 online; 1850 to present in bound volumes
  • Harper's Weekly, 1857-1916, on microfilm
  • Illustrated London News, 1856-2003
  • Independent (N.Y.), 1892-1928, on microfilm
  • Journal of the United States Artillery, 1892-1918
  • Knickerbocker Magazine, 1833-1865, on microfilm
  • Liberator, 1831-1865, on microfilm
  • Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, 1868-1900, bound volumes or microfilm
  • Living Age, 1844-1900 online; 1844-1941 in bound volumes
  • London & Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine, 1832-1840, Special Collections
  • Munsey's Magazine, 1891-1929, on microfilm
  • Naval Chronicle, 1799-1818, bound volumes or Special Collections
  • New Englander, 1843-1892
  • Niles Register, 1811-1849, microfiche or Special Collections
  • North American Review, 1815-1900 online; 1815 to present in bound volumes
  • Overland Monthly, 1868-1900 online; 1868-1935 in bound volumes
  • Princeton Review, 1830-1882
  • Quarterly Review, 1809-1967
  • Review of Reviews, 1890-1937
  • Royal United Service Institution (RUSI) Journal, 1857 to present
  • Sailor's Magazine, 1828-1892, Special Collections
  • Scribner's Magazine, 1887-1896 online; 1887-1939 in bound volumes
  • Scribner's Monthly, 1870-1881
  • Spectator, 1871 to present, bound volumes or microfilm
  • United Service Magazine, 1829-1920
  • United States Magazine and Democratic Review,1837-1859
  • United States Naval Institute Proceedings, 1874 to present, bound volumes or microfilm (online only since 1997)
  • Westminster Review, 1866-1913


The following icons are used in the resources lists:

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 Best Bet  Resource is an excellent all-purpose starting point for the selected subject.

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