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Naval and Military Studies

Journal article databases and other resources relating to military, defense, and security issues.

Books in Nimitz Library

These books are but a few of the titles related to the Navy and the Military available in Nimitz Library. 

To find additional books, search the Library Catalog.  Try keyword or subject searches for your topic, such as Battle of Midway or riverine warfare. The call numbers for all Military and Naval Science books start with "U" or "V" respectively.  When it comes to various hisotrical topics relating to Military and Naval Science actions, the books are often found in call numbers starting with "D" or "E."  Reference Universe will search the library's reference collection. 

Ebook/Audiobook Collections

Listed below are ebook collections on a variety of topics from History to Engineering to Computer Science and Technology.  To find a specific title, search the Library Catalog.


The following icons are used in the resources lists:

USNA only Resource is available only to USNA midshipmen, faculty, and staff.
Not all content available Not all content is available to USNA midshipmen, faculty, and staff.
Password required.  Contact the Reference desk, 3-6946, for login information.
Icon Content not fully available in Nimitz Search.  Try searching this database on its own.
 Best Bet  Resource is an excellent all-purpose starting point for the selected subject.