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HH369 | Culture and History of Iran

USNA Major Primary Source Collections:

Finding Primary Sources

One collection of primary source material for the Arab World and Middle East from a British / UK perspective is:

Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969

The Confidential Print series consists of documents issued by the British Government and held by the UK's National Archives.

This collection covers a broad sweep of history from c. 1839 to 1969, taking in the countries of the Arabian peninsula, the Levant, Iraq, Turkey and many of the former Ottoman lands in Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt and Sudan.


Online Sources / Websites:

Other ideas for primary sources include:

  • Writings of any person from the time period  (search people as an author in the library catalog)
  • Descriptions, letters, or accounts of people from the time
  • Any treaty, charter, proclamation, law, text of a document etc. 
  • Accounts of a battle or siege from an early source
  • The image of an artifact or coin or object that you can interpret
  • Drawings or notebooks of a scientist or inventor
  • Paintings or sculpture or buildings that you can interpret
  • Maps depicting the world at the time

Capt. Macris can also advise you on various primary sources for the study of the history of the Arab Gulf States.

Middle East Primary Source Collections at Nimitz Library



Afghanistan Strategic Intelligence: British Records, 1919-1970

DS361.A344 2002

Arab Bulletin: Arab Bureau in Cairo, 1916-1919

DS62.4.A72, 4 vols.

Arab Dissident Movements, 1905-1955

DS62.8.A675, 4 vols.

Arab League: British Documentary Sources, 1943-1963

DS36.2.A76, 10 vols.

British Documents on Foreign Affairs, Series B: Near and Middle East, 1856-1956 (in 5 parts)

JZ633.6.N4.B7.. or JZ633.6.T8B72, 85 vols.

Collection of First World War Military Handbooks of Arabia,1913-1917

D568.4.C65, 10 vols.

Communications & Transport, 1860-1960 (Arabian Peninsula)

HE268.55.C66, 9 vols.

Court of Inquiry to Inquire into the Circumstances Surrounding the Armed Attack on USS Liberty

Oversize KF7647.U55, 2 vols.

Defence 1920-1960 (Persian Gulf Region)

DS247.A13G34, 12 vols.

Diplomacy in the Near and Middle East, 1535-1956


Documentary History of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidency

E835.D63, 12 vols.

Documentary History of the Truman Presidency

E813.D56, 35 vols.

Documents on the History of Saudi Arabia, 1909-1949

DS244.D6, 5 vols.

Foreign Relations of the United States, since 1861

JX233.A3 and online

Gazetteer of Arabian Tribes

DS36.9.A1G39, 18 vols.

Iran in the Persian Gulf, 1820-1966

DS326.I73, 6 vols.

Iran Political Developments, 1941-1946: British Documentary Sources: Iran Under Allied Occupation

DS318.I735 2008, 13 vols.

Iran: Political Diaries, 1991-1965

DS274.I73, 14 vols.

Iraq: Administrative Reports, 1914-1932

DS79.5.I73, 10 vols.

Iraq: Defence Intelligence, 1920-1973

DS70.96.G7I73, 6 vols.

Islamic Movements in the Arab World, 1913-1966

BP173.7.I869, 4 vols.

Israel: Boundary Disputes with Arab Neighbors, 1946-1964

DS119.7.I823. 10 vols.

King Abdul Aziz, Political Correspondence 1904-1953

DS244.53.I26, 4 vols.

La Nation Arabe (in French)

DS41.N375, 4 vols.

Memoirs of Baghdad, Kurdistan and Turkish Arabia, 1857: Selections from the Records of the Bombay Government

DS94.J66 1998

Middle East Intelligence Handbooks, 1943-1946

DS62.M535, 5 vols.

Palestine Boundaries, 1833-1947

DS119.65.P35, 4 vols.

Persian Gulf and Red Sea Naval Reports, 1820-1960

DS326.P43, 15 vols.

Persian Gulf Historical Summaries, 1907-1953

DS326.P474, 4 vols.

Persian Gulf Pilot, 1870-1932

VK897.P47, 8 vols.

Political Diaries of the Arab World: Aden, 1899-1957

DS70.96.G7P65, 16 vols.

Political Diaries of the Arab World: Iraq, 1920-1965

DS70.96.G7P65, 8 vols.

Political Diaries of the Arab World: Palestine and Jordan, 1920-1965

DS126.P35, 10 vols.

Political Diaries of the Arab World: Persian Gulf, 1904-1965

DS326.P648, 24 vols.

Political Diaries of the Arab World: Saudi Arabia and the Jedda Diaries, 1919-1965

DS228.G7J43, 6 vols.

Records of Islam, 1908-1972: British Documentary Sources

BP173.7.I855, 12 vols.

Records of Saudi Arabia, 1902-1971

DS223.R43, 22 vols.

Records of Syria, 1918-1973

DS95.R43 2005, 15 vols.

Records of the Hajj:  Documentary History of the Pilgrimage to Mecca

BP187.3.R43, 10 vols.

Records of the Hashimite Dynasties: A Twentieth Century Documentary History

DS62.8.R43, 15 vols.

Records of the Hijaz, 1798-1925

DS247.H45R426, 8 vols.

Red Sea Region: Sovereignty, Boundaries and Conflict, 1839-1967

DT39.R45 2008, 6 vols.

Ruling Families of Arabia

DS244.512.R85, 8 vols.

Saudi Arabia: Secret Intelligence Records, 1926-1939

DA47.9.S33S28, 8 vols.

Slave Trade into Arabia, 1820-1973

HT317.S58, 9 vols.

Turkey and her Arab Neighbors, 1953-1958: A Study in the Origins and Failure of the Baghdad Pact


U.S. Records on Saudi Affairs, 1945-1959

E183.8.S25U66, 8 vols.




CIA Research Reports: Middle East, 1946-1976

DS62.8.C52, 3 reels

Confidential U.S. Diplomatic Post Records: Middle East, 1925-1941,  sections on Aden, Beirut, Iran, Iraq, and Jerusalem

105 reels, check library catalog

Confidential U.S. State Dept. Central Files: Saudi Arabia, 1945-1963

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, Saudi Arabia: Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs, 1960-January 1963

DS244.53.C6…,43 reels

Documents of the National Security Council, 1947-1994

UA23.U546, 64 reels

Israel National Security Files, 1963-1969

E183.8.I75G8, 3 reels

John F. Kennedy National Security Files, 1961-1963: The Middle East

E841.J64, 21 reels

Lyndon B. Johnson National Security Files, 1963-1969: Middle East

E846.L85, 8 reels

Gerald R. Ford National Security Files, 1974-1977: The Middle East and South Asia


Richard M. Nixon Natiojnal Security Files, 1969-1974: Middle East


Richard M. Nixon Natiojnal Security Files, 1969-1974: The Middle East Negotiations  

Middle East Politics and Diplomacy, 1904-1950: The Papers of Sir Ronald Storrs

DS62.4.S75, 26 reels

Middle East, Special Studies, 1970-2002

DS63.1.M53, 90 reels

Minutes of Meetings of the National Security Council, 1947-1960, including 3 supplements

UA23.N255 or UA23.15.N373, 18 reels

OSS/State Dept. Intelligence Reports: The Middle East, 1950-1961

DS63.U5, 3 reels

Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Part 2, 1946-1953, The Middle East

DS63.2.U5U57, 2 reels