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Basic resources and strategies for research on ethics.


Ethics is a broad topic encompassing many academic disciplines and subjects so there are many ways to do research in this area.

Use the pages on this guide (see the blue menu) as a starting point for your research. If you're having trouble or need some guidance, get in touch with the research librarian whose details are listed on this page.

Getting Started

For an interdisciplinary topic like ethics, Nimitz Search is a good starting point. It searches most of the physical items in the library, along with the majority our online subscriptions. You can find the Nimitz Search box on the library homepage

Screenshot of Nimitz Search box with stoicism entered as the search term.

Pro Tip: If results aren't related to your topic, modify the words you're entering in the search box. For example, if you don't find results for argument try conflict or disagreement.  

Pro Tip: After you see your results in Nimitz Search, use the options on the left to be more specific about what you want.  For example, specify that you only want to see books or journal articles or results from a specific time period.  

Screenshot with Nimitz Search results for stoicism.

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