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Accessing eBooks

This guide provides information on accessing ebooks in a variety of disciplines.


Knovel ebooks, which include engineering data and technical references, can be viewed and downloaded as individual chapters in pdf format.  Do not download chapters from Knovel systematically.

By creating an account and logging in on-campus, you will be able to continue to access Knovel ebook content when off-campus through a mobile device, so long as you log in with the same account.  The account must use your USNA email address.

O’Reilly for Higher Education

Formerly Safari Books Online. Access to O'Reilly books, courses and other content is available via this link. Before using it, patrons MUST create an account at this link.

Patrons must use a email account when registering themselves. There is no IP based authentication, so VPN/VDI is not required since you must log in with your account.


Use this link to see a list of all ebook content owned by Nimitz Library to which we have fulltext access through ScienceDirect.

ScienceDirect ebooks can't be downloaded all at once, but are broken up into a sequence of pdf chapters. Individual chapters may be downloaded. However, do not download all the chapters from a book, as this is a violation of the terms of use of ScienceDirect.

Springer eBooks

Springerlink ebooks are multidisciplinary, with an emphasis on computer science and mathematics. You can download Springer ebooks by individual chapter. 

Off-site Access

Unless otherwise noted, you must follow these instructions to access library resources from off the Yard

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