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Major Motion Pictures and Television Series Focusing on the Naval Academy

Listed are television series that are focused on or heavily feature the United States Naval Academy. They are listed in chronological order.

Undersea Kingdom

              Released: 1936

Plot Synopsis: Crash Corrigan, a recent graduate of Annapolis, and Diana, a go-getting reporter, join Professor Norton for a search for the source of a string of earthquakes, Atlantis. They ride Prof. Norton's rocket submarine searching the sea and little Billy Norton, the professor's son stows away, of course. When they find Atlantis they are caught in a war between peaceful Atlanteans, note their white capes, and war-mongering Atlanteans, note their black capes. After many harrowing moments for Crash, Diana, Prof. Norton and Billy, they barely get away with their lives when they escape a tower of Atlantis raised to the surface for the sole purpose of dominating or destroying the Earth (Which one depends on the compliance of the upper world dwellers.)

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Navy Log

            Released: 1955-1958

Plot Synopsis: Showed featured dramatic reenactments of true Naval events taken from the files of the Defense Department. The episodes generally featured little known actors although better known performers sometimes hosted.

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Nimitz Holdings: PN1992.77 .N38 season 1, ep. 3  


The Men of Annapolis

              Released: 1956 – 1958

              Plot Synopsis: Television series about life at USNA in the 1950’s. 37 Episodes.

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              Nimitz Holdings:  V415.P1 M45 guide


The Silent Service

              Released: 1957- 1958

Plot Synopsis: Documentary dramatic anthology about the U.S. Navy's submarine fleet. All stories were based on fact and the realism was heightened by actual use of combat footage from the files of the Navy. The stories were varied between the South Pacific during World War II and the Korean War. The series was the brainchild of Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers, who retired from the Navy in 1949 after 22 years of service. The Navy loaned him the U.S.S. Sawfish for the filming of several episodes.

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Nimitz Holdings: D783 .S54 press kit