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Avoiding Plagiarism

This guide provides resources to define plagiarism and practical tips on how to avoid it.

Personal Consequences of Plagiarism

In addition to the consequences of plagiarism imposed by USNA, there are other, personal consequences:

  • Being caught plagiarizing can damage your reputation among your friends, classmates, and professors.
  • If your plagiarism does not lead to your separation from the Academy, being known as a plagiarist will put you under more scrutiny in other classes.
  • You lose the opportunity to get good recommendations from your professors.
  • You are not actually learning anything.  This can affect your work in other classes or on the job.
  • Violations of copyright law can lead to legal problems and prosecution.

USNA Consequences of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a violation of the USNA Honor Concept.


Those in violation of the Honor Concept face punishments ranging from counseling to failing classes or even dismissal from the Academy.