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Map of Library

Study Spaces in Nimitz Library

Individual Study Rooms

Individual study rooms are available to any user on a first come, first served basis.  Individual study rooms are located throughout the library:

Ground: G145A-G145D
Main Floor: No individual study rooms
2nd Floor: 217-220 
3rd Floor: 303, 304, 307-312

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms in the library vary in size.  They are suitable for 4-15 individuals on a first come, first served basis, although preference for use should be given to groups.  Whiteboards available in all rooms and most rooms allow you to connect your laptop to the screen. Additional whiteboard markers can be borrowed from the library's main checkout desk.

Library Classrooms

Anyone in the library is welcome to use the library classrooms (Nautilus Room on the main floor and Ni227) for individual or group study when they are not in use for another purpose.  Typically, a schedule is posted on or near the room door to let you know when it'll be in use.  If a schedule is not posted, please know that library classes, meetings and other events take first priority in these spaces. 

Silent Study Room

Ni306 is the library's Silent Study Room.  This room is a designated silent work area.  It includes lounge seating, study tables, and study carrels.  There is also a white noise machine available in the room.  

Collaboration Tables

There are two collaboration tables that allow for easy HDMI plugin.  These tables are located in Ni313 and Ni214 and available on a first come, first served basis.  

Other Study Spaces


The library offers a wide variety of other study spaces throughout the four floors.  There are large tables, study carrels, lounge seating, tall seating, standing tables, and a mix of quiet and loud spaces.  If you need help finding a particular type of study space, please ask a library staff member.