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Recreational Resources

A guide to recreational resources available from Nimitz Library.

Calling All Artists!

Calling all artists in the Brigade!  Help us brighten the library for the spring semester by painting (or doodling, drawing, writing, coloring etc.) on our temporary wall on the library's main floor.  You can request a space of (almost) any size and paint (almost) anything you'd like!  Submit your own art or work together with a group.  To claim a space on the wall, you must fill out the form and submit your sketch.  You will receive confirmation and additional details shortly after your submission is approved.  Please see the details below for more information about what and how to claim a space on the wall! 

How to Submit a Sketch

Complete this form with the following:

  • Name
  • Title of your art piece
  • Planned dimensions for your art piece (can be between 10in and 60in)
  • A sketch of your art piece


  • All art must be complete by 12 April 2021.


  • After you submit your sketch using the form, you'll receive an email with additional details about your assigned location on the wall and how to get started.  We will respond as soon as possible so you can get started as soon as you're ready.
  • The temporary wall will be primed with white paint to your requested size
  • A limited amount and color of tempera paints will be provided.  Artists may choose to use other mediums (marker, other paints etc.) if they provide the materials themselves. 
  • Nothing can be attached, hammered, glued, or otherwise connected to the wall. 
  • Art pieces can be completed all at once or slowly over time.  All pieces must be complete by 12 April 2021. 
  • After an initial setup, artists will be able to work on their piece anytime the library is open.
  • Art pieces can be completed by an individual or in groups.
  • There is no specific theme. 
  • Paintings will remain on the wall until the temporary wall is removed over the summer.

Available Paints and Colors

Art @ Nimitz Library