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Scuttlebutt Fall 2021 II

by Adam Minakowski on 2021-10-06T14:51:00-04:00 in News | Comments

Nimitz Library News

Fall 2021 II

Space study of Nimitz Library underway

Have you ever wondered how midshipmen, faculty, and staff use Nimitz Library? So have we! This fall, the library staff launched a study of our physical spaces and how people use them throughout the semester to ensure that the library is providing the spaces and resources that midshipmen need to develop mentally and academically.

This semester we’re focused on the survey and observation. At various times throughout the semester you may see library staff at the main entrance asking why you’re visiting the library or library staff roving the floors with a tablet recording how spaces are being used. Next semester, we’ll invite some of you to participate in focus groups so we can make more sense of some of the data we gather this fall. Visit our website for more information.

A librarian for every subject

Librarians are available to help anyone with research - from beginners to experts.  We even support faculty with their research. There is a librarian who specializes in every subject taught at the academy and is ready to help midshipmen, plebes through firsties, find resources in that subject. Below is the list of subject librarians but you can find it anytime on our website.

Division or Department

Subject Specialist

Phone Number


Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Robotics & Control Engineering

Kelly Durkin Ruth





Robert Correll


Computer Science

Cyber Science

Electrical & Computer Engineering


Manuel Jusino



Language Studies

Political Science

Donna Goda



Maria Koshute



Michael Macan


Leadership, Ethics & Law

Amanda Click


Naval and Military Studies

Special Collections & Archives

Adam Minakowski


Help build a midshipman reading list

The Nimitz List is a curated list of books, films, podcasts, and more, that aligns with the USNA Attributes of a Naval Academy Graduate. The 2022 list will focus on inclusion and resiliency, and care will be taken to include diverse voices and a variety of perspectives. This list is intended to complement the CNO’s Professional Reading Program. USNA faculty, staff, midshipmen, and alumni are invited to participate in the development of the list. If you’d like to recommend materials, please use this form. If you’d like to join the working group that will make the final selections, please contact Amanda Click at

Helping you do your best at USNA, get research help anytime.

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