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Marketing and Outreach Toolkit

Providing resources for library staff to use when promoting events and/or services.

About the toolkit

Welcome to Nimitz Library's Marketing and Outreach Toolkit, the place for library staff to start when promoting our services and events to our users.

Created by the library's Marketing and Outreach Committee, the toolkit shows what services the committee offers, while also providing the advice and resources needed for library staff who prefer to go the DIY route.


How the committee and toolkit can help

Ideally, any marketing/outreach effort should begin with strategic planning that describes the the service, event, etc., being promoted, identifies target audiences, and states the action we want the audience to take as a result of our efforts.  It sounds simplistic, but clearly defining these elements saves time and energy later on and avoids wasted effort on misdirected messages and ineffective communication.  You can use the strategic planning form on this page as a guide to your strategic planning.



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Adam Minakowski
Nimitz Library
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Marketing/Outreach Planning