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News and Information Sources

Finding and evaluating news and information sources.

Scholarly Journals

Books: The library provides books that offer different perspectives on various topics.  Acquiring  books from reputable publishers helps ensure the quality of the scholarship and information included in the books from these publishers.  You can also look for book reviews to verify the credibility of the book.

Scholarly articles:  articles in scholarly journals are vetted by a review of the article  by experts or other scholars in the field.  Click on the short video to the right for an explanation of peer review.

Use the search box on the library website for a quick way to find  scholarly articles.  First search for your topic, then check  peer review and journal article to the left of your search results.  You can also search for books but don't check peer review.

Nimitz Search 

Research Guides:  find articles to scholarly journals for different subjects and courses on the library's research guides.


Peer-reviewed Journals

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