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How to use EndNote Citation Manager

This guide prepares you to use EndNote to save, arrange, and print out references for papers and bibliographies.

Gathering from databases

Every database has a different interface, but most will support sending article references to EndNote to add to your bibliographies.  Below are some examples of where to find the option to do so in each resource.


Screenshot of how to send data to EndNote from Nimitz Search.

When using Nimitz Search, you can hover the mouse over a resource to see a right-hand column with options labelled 'reserve,' 'cite,' and 'email.'  Click 'Cite,' then chose to 'Export As' EndNote.



Screenshot of how to send data to EndNote from Ebsco resources.

Within an Ebsco database such as Academic Search Premier, from any article or citation you can select an Export option in the right-hand column and then select 'Direct Export to EndNote Web.'



Screenshot of how to send data to EndNote from Proquest resources.

A Proquest database such as Aquatic Science & Fisheries Abstracts will always have a blue bar with multiple options running horizontally at the top of the screen.  One of those options is 'Export/Save,' which lists EndNote as an option.



Screenshot of how to send data to EndNote from the article linker.

Most library resources direct patrons to our article linker tool, which provides links to multiple databases or resources where a desired article can be found.  However, it also has the capacity to export the citation of the article you are trying to find to EndNote Web.


These are just a few examples of how you can find ways within a library database to send article references to EndNote.  Experiment with  your favorite databases to see if they support using this tool.


If you cannot find a way to import your bibliographic reference into EndNote, you can also enter the data to create a reference on your own.  Select the tab 'Collect' and the subheading 'New Reference' to access the screen below:

Screenshot of the New Reference page in EndNote for manual data entry.

Fill out this form to create a reference on your own when necessary.

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