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How to use EndNote Citation Manager

This guide prepares you to use EndNote to save, arrange, and print out references for papers and bibliographies.

How to use references

Screenshot of Endnote's bibliographic tool.

Begin by clicking the Format tab, which defaults to the Bibliography option.  Your first option is to select which references to use.  You can select any group of references, your unfiled references, or all of them at once.



Screenshot for how to select a bibliographic style in EndNote.

You will then be asked to select a Bibliographic style.  Assuming you have logged in on your account from a USNA computer at least once, you will have several thousand options from which to select.



Screenshot of how to select favorite styles in the Bibliographic tool to limit what displays.

You can create a list of favorite bibliographic styles by clicking the Select Favorites link to open the box in the image above.  You can then select citation styles and click Copy to Favorites.  You can make a list of up to 25 favorites. 



Screenshot of EndNote's bibliographic tool limited to 2 favorites.

After making your selections, when you look at bibliographic styles in the future your options will be limited to only what you listed as favorites.



Screenshot of EndNote's file format options for displaying a bibliography.

After selecting a bibliographic style, you can select your preferred format - HTML, TXT, or PDF.



Screenshot of a bibliography generated via EndNote.

A list of your references will then populate a page in your preferred citation style, in the type of formatted page you requested.  Use this in your papers to make certain you have an accurate bibliography!

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