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How to use EndNote Citation Manager

This guide prepares you to use EndNote to save, arrange, and print out references for papers and bibliographies.

How to organize references

After collecting references, you will want to organize them into groups.

Screenshot of EndNote's Manage my Groups page.

Click the Organize tab and you will default to the Manage My Groups page.  Here you can click 'New Group' to create a new group (basically a folder in your profile).



Screenshot of how to name a new group in Manage My Groups.

You will be prompted to name your group.  You can name your groups anything, but we recommend naming them according to the class and project you are working on with your assignment.



Screenshot of how to send a reference to a group in All My References page.

At this point you can go back to My References and select one or more gathered references, then select the dropdown menu 'Add to Group.'  You can add any number of references to a group, and you can add the same reference to multiple groups.



Screenshot of EndNote's Find Duplicates page.

If you accidentally add the same reference to multiple groups, you can select 'Find Duplicates' to see all your duplicated references.  Hover the mouse over the blue folder icon to see which group each listing of the reference is in.  Select the checkmark and the delete option to delete one copy of the reference from your account.

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