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CNO's Professional Reading Program

This guide lists the titles in the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program.


  • Holiday, R. (2016). Ego is the enemy. Penguin Publishing Group.
  • Kendi, I. X. (2019). How to be an antiracist (First ed.). One World.  E184.A1 K344 2019
  • Fogg, B. (2019). Tiny habits: The small changes that change everything. Virgin Digital
  • Winters, M. (2017). We can't talk about that at work!: How to talk about race, religion, politics, and other polarizing topics. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.


  • Couch, D., 1943. (2010). A tactical ethic: Moral conduct in the insurgent battlespace. Naval Institute Press.  U22 .C68 2010
  • Hartley, G. (2018). Fed up: Emotional labor, women, and the way forward. HarperOne.
  • Lucas, G. R. (2016). Military ethics: What everyone needs to know. Oxford University Press.   U22 .L78 2016
  • Pierceson, J. (2015). Sexual minorities and politics: An introduction. Rowman & Littlefield.
  • Sinek, S. (2009). Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action. Portfolio.  HD57.7 .S549 2009
  • Miller, C. B. (2018). The character gap: How good are we?. Oxford University Press.  BF818 .M435 2018


  • Shapiro, J. P. (2011). No pity: People with disabilities forging a new civil rights movement. The Crown Publishing Group.  
  • Brooks, D., 1961. (2015). The road to character. Random House.  BF818 .B764 2015
  • Ariely, D. (2012). The (honest) truth about dishonesty: How we lie to everyone---especially ourselves. Harper.  BJ1533.H7 A75 2012
  • Alexander, M. (2010). The new jim crow: Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness. New Press.   HV9950 .A437 2010


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