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International Information

Information sources from Nimitz Library and the web.

JLU - Joint Language University

Find area and culture training AND self-paced or instructor-led language training.  Rosetta Stone no longer available.  Here is a sample of what is available.

To use items, you must create an account:  Once in JLU, in upper right corner, go to Please Login.

After logging in, go to Catalog or Resources on left of page.

Online Language Learning

Voice of America Pronunciation Guide Pronunciation of foreign-language names.
Interagency Language Roundtable Online Internet materials for a comprehensive compendium of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs). Depending on the language, available resources can include socio-historic language sketches, introductions to writing systems and phonologies, beginning and intermediate online tutorials and exercises, online dictionaries, media sites, cultural and target country materials, etc.

Available at Nimitz Library

For help finding language learning resources at Nimitz Library, contact Librarian on Home Page of this guide.