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Political Science

“The study of the State and systems of government; the analysis of political activity and behavior.” (OED Online)

Journal Articles - Why Use Them (1:15)

Journal Articles - Scholarly and Popular (1:45)

Journal Articles - Where and How to Find (2:13)

Journal Articles - Getting the Entire Article (3:27)

Books by Topic, Title or Author (3:28)

Find Items Listed on a Bibliography (2:25)

News (3:04)

What to look for:

► Journal Articles are discussed in the first 4 videos:

  • Why use them
  • Scholarly and popular
  • Where to find them – in a database – and how to search a database
  • Getting the entire article shows the Find It @ USNA function and Interlibrary Loan

► Books by Topic, Title, or Author shows a "catalog" search, how to find a book on the shelf, and begins with a short demonstration of brainstorming for terms about a topic

► Find Items Listed on a Bibliography shows how to find a journal article or a book referred to by another author

► News demonstrates searching a newspaper article database

Here is an introduction to the videos: