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HE112: Rhetoric and Intro to Literature II_Amador

Additional Print Resources We Can Provide Digitally

Please use the electronically available sources as your first priority. Due to severely reduced staffing, scanning services are available for the following items but expect significant lag time. That being said, you are welcome to contact our Reference Librarian for Special Collections regarding these type of requests: Adam Minakowski,

Alumni Register - If you can't find the year the assigned midshipman graduated from USNA, Nimitz staff can can look it up.

Reunion books - If we have a reunion book for the class, Nimitz staff can look up entry for the person
Alumni jacket - If the assigned midshipman has an alumni jacket (not all of them do), it probably contains info about his or her career after USNA and/or obituaries.
Personnel jacket - Records from the midshipman's time at USNA but not very useful for a sense of the midshipman's life at USNA or military career.